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06/23/2018 When Things Look Hopeless Ben Dimmick
06/02/2018 He Will Direct Your Steps Pastor Dekle
05/26/2018 Church Building Reginald Sibanda
05/19/2018 I Believe, Help My Unbelief Pastor Dekle
05/12/2018 Mothers! / (Concert) Pastor Dekle / Mary Grace
05/05/2018 Make My Path Straight and Sure Pastor Dekle
04/28/2018 Live Worthy of Your Calling Pierre Vale
04/21/2018 Rest Awhile David Muth
04/14/2018 God's 5 Stop-Signs Emil Moldrik
04/07/2018 Not Ashamed Wildline Domond, Jacob Perez, Hannah Lepage, Abram Vale
03/31/2018 No Resurrection - No Gospel Pastor Dekle
03/24/2018 What is Your Mission? Lorena Alves
03/17/2018 The Battle Belongs to the Lord Pastor Dekle
02/24/2018 Old Yelller and the Lamb David Muth
02/17/2018 Worship Pastor Dekle
02/10/2018 The Living Word Pastor Dekle
02/03/2018 Christ Triumph Pastor Dekle
01/27/2018 Facing the Future with Praise Dan Lavenburg
01/20/2018 Redeemed! Pastor Dekle
01/13/2018 Warning, False Gospel Pastor Dekle
01/06/2018 Include the Angels Pastor Dekle
12/30/2017 Arise and Shine Pastor Dekle
12/23/2017 Better to Give Than Receive Brian Nase
12/16/2017 Jesus' Birth - The Foundation of the New Birth Pastor Dekle
12/09/2017 The Sabbath Blessing Pastor Dekle
12/02/2017 Victory to the Overcomer Promised Pastor Dekle
11/25/2017 The Purpose of the Church Pierre Vale
11/18/2017 Are You Thankful For... Pastor Dekle
11/11/2017 Four Things That Threaten the Safety of the Church Fred Omwega
11/04/2017 Subjection of the Son Rafael Montesinos
10/28/2017 Higher Ground Dan Lavenburg
10/21/2017 The Called and Chosen David Muth
10/14/2017 Extraordinary Lives David Muth
10/07/2017 Right When We Need Him Most Pastor Dekle
09/30/2017 Are You Preparing to Meet Your God? Pastor Dekle
09/23/2017 Outside the Box Darrel Hutchinson
09/16/2017 How is Your Vision Pastor Dekle
09/09/2017 What Must I Do to be Saved Pastor Dekle
09/02/2017 Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues Pastor Dekle
08/26/2017 Running to God Wildline Domond, Tim Ennis, Gavyn Himstedt, Hashnuvia Esteme
08/19/2017 Have Thine Own Way Lord Pastor Dekle
08/12/2017 Superficially Converted? Pastor Dekle
08/05/2017 Ezekiel 33-34 David Muth
07/29/2017 The Unthinkable Weapon Pastor Dekle
07/22/2017 Minimum Wage David Muth
07/15/2017 Only Begotten Dr. Thomas Unruh
07/08/2017 Heaven is for Real Pastor Dekle
07/01/2017 The Examining Room Pastor Dekle
06/24/2017 Disciples Dan Lavenburg
06/03/2017 The Objects of Faith Pastor Dekle
05/27/2017  The Power of Prayer Robert Richard
05/20/2017 Planted to Grow Pastor Dekle
05/13/2017 Mothers! Pastor Dekle
04/29/2017 It's God's Plan Pastor Dekle
04/22/2017 The Kingdom of God Pierre Vale
04/15/2017 He Presented Himself Alive Pastor Dekle
04/08/2017 Are You Worried About Tomorrow? Pastor Dekle
04/01/2017 God's Way Pastor Dekle
03/25/2017 Two Cent Christian David Muth
03/18/2017 The Family Alter Pastor Dekle
03/11/2017 Foundation of Holiness Bryce Bowman
03/04/2017 The Kingdom of Grace Pastor Dekle
02/25/2017 The Politics of Doubt David Muth
02/18/2017 The Just Shall Live by Faith Pastor Dekle
02/11/2017 Seek First Pastor Dekle
02/04/2017 Killing Uzziah Lorena Alves
01/28/2017 Recapturing the Vision Bryce Bowman
01/21/2017 The Word of Reconciliation Pastor Dekle
01/14/2017 Rivet Your Minds' Eye on Him Pastor Dekle
01/07/2017 The Word of Prayer Pastor Dekle
12/31/2016 Lord Make Me Willing  Pastor Dekle
12/24/2016 Jesus "The Baby" Darrel Hutchinson
12/10/2016 Leah's Christmas David Muth
12/03/2016 The Law Exalted Pastor Dekle
11/26/2016 Unity Without Uniformity Kyle Nase
11/19/2016 Give Thanks With a Joyful Heart Pastor Dekle
11/12/2016 Wells of Salvation Pastor Dekle
11/05/2016 A New Creature Pastor Dekle
10/29/2016 Don't Revieve the Mark Pastor Dekle
10/22/2016 Unity in a Divided World Stephen Reese
10/15/2016 In Remembrance of Me Pastor Dekle
10/08/2016 Cornerstone-Stumbling Stone Pastor Dekle
10/01/2016 Joseph and the Remnant David Muth
09/17/2016 Tolerate The Weeds? Love The Weeds? Pastor Dekle
09/10/2016 We Have This Hope Pastor Dekle
09/03/2016 Well Said Pastor Dekle
08/27/2016 Feed My Sheep Darrel Hutchinson
08/20/2016 Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve Pastor Dekle
08/13/2016 Your Life's Work, Harmful or Helpful? Pastor Dekle
08/06/2016 Twisted Religion David Muth
07/23/2016 Gideon's Revival David Muth
07/16/2016 Christ Once was Offered Pastor Dekle
07/09/2016 Be Ye Therefore Ready Pastor Dekle
07/02/2016 Physical-Spiritual Weapons Pastor Dekle
06/25/2016 How Well do You Know the Master Kyle Nase
06/18/2016 Happy the Home Pastor Dekle
06/04/2016 That They be One Pastor Dekle
05/28/2016 Breaking Down Walls Dan Lavenburg
05/21/2016 The Lord's Supper Pastor Dekle
05/14/2016 Counting the Cost Pastor Dekle
05/07/2016 A Mother's Love Pastor Dekle
04/30/2016 God's Call to Fellowship Pastor Dekle
04/23/2016 Hide and Seek Darrel Hutchinson
04/16/2016 Power in the Blood to Clense Pastor Dekle
04/09/2016 Look Up and Know That God is Merciful Pastor Dekle
04/02/2016 What Happened to Good Old-Fashioned Godliness Pastor Dekle
03/26/2016 Utilization of Inspiration Brian Nase
03/19/2016 The Tools of the Devil Pastor Dekle
03/12/2016 Living on the High Plane Pastor Dekle
03/05/2016 Amazing Grace Pastor Dekle
02/27/2016 Strive David Muth
02/20/2016 Our Great Privilege Pastor Dekle
02/13/2016 The Bridegroom Cometh Pastor Dekle
01/30/2016 The Laborers Are Few Bryce Bowman
01/16/2016 The Blood of the Covenant Pastor Dekle
01/09/2016 Mysteries of God Pastor Dekle
01/02/2016 The Secret of a Great New Year Pastor Dekle
12/26/2015 The Day of The Lord Alex Rodriguez
12/19/2015 Jesus, The God-Man Pastor Dekle
12/12/2015 Marvelous Grace Pastor Dekle
12/05/2015 When Will We Learn? Pastor Dekle
11/28/2015 Why? Darrel Hutchinson
11/21/2015 Christ, Our Example Pastor Dekle
11/14/2015 Why Worry? Jesus is in Control Pastor Dekle
11/07/2015 Raising Children the Bible Way Pastor Dekle
10/31/2015 Holy Ground Pastor Dekle
10/24/2015 The Original Lie Dan Lavenburg
10/17/2015 Communion With Christ Pastor Dekle
10/10/2015 Principals of His Kingdom David Muth
10/03/2015 Stand and be Delivered Pastor Dekle
09/26/2015 Here I am Lord...Send Me Stephen Reese
09/19/2015 Severed Dr. Eric Kotter
09/12/2015 Dead Men Do Live Pastor Dekle
09/05/2015 Sand or Sound Doctrine Pastor Dekle
08/29/2015 Don't Let Your Tongue Bite You Pastor Dekle
08/22/2015 Lessons From Nazareth David Muth
08/15/2015 Are You Who You Say You Are? Pastor Dekle
08/08/2015 Heros for God Pastor Dekle
08/01/2015 The Only Foundation Pastor Dekle
07/25/2015 Lines in the Sand Darrel Hutchinson
07/18/2015 Safe in the Arms of Jesus Pastor Dekle
07/11/2015 Rest or Unrest Pastor Dekle
07/04/2015 The Book of Daniel is More Valuable than Gold Pastor Dekle
06/27/2015 Be Not Conformed Dan Lavenburg
06/06/2015 Christ Forsakes Not His Own Pastor Dekle
05/30/2015 Be Ready...Always Bryce Bowman
05/23/2015 Ready for Rescue David Stenhouse
05/16/2015 Grace For Giving Pastor Dekle
05/09/2015 Is is Well With Your Family Pastor Dekle
05/02/2015 I Have Warned You Before Hand Pastor Dekle
04/25/2015 Salt David Muth
04/18/2015 Witness of the Holy Spirit Pastor Dekle
04/11/2015 Be Not Conformed to This World Pastor Dekle
04/04/2015 The Empty Tomb Pastor Dekle
03/28/2015 High Noon Darrel Hutchinson
03/21/2015 Learning, Learning, Ever Learning Pastor Dekle
03/14/2015 I Myself am the I AM Pastor Dekle
03/07/2015 Do You Know His Name? Pastor Dekle
02/28/2015 Who God Is David Stenhouse
02/21/2015 Christ the Master Builder Pastor Dekle
02/14/2015 Grace and the Remnant Church Ray Hartwell
02/07/2015 Global Babylon Pastor Dekle
01/31/2015 A House of Prayer Alex Rodriguez
01/17/2015 Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood Pastor Dekle
01/10/2015 Powerful Things Come in Small Packages Pastor Dekle
01/03/2015 First Things First Pastor Dekle
12/27/2014 Forgive or Forget Bryce Bowman
12/20/2014 Ready or Not, Here I Come Pastor Dekle
12/13/2014 The Ultimate Gift Pastor Dekle
12/06/2014 Your Church is Odd Pastor Dekle
11/29/2014 He is Able Pastor Dekle
11/22/2014 A Sacrifice of Praise Ronald Christman
11/15/2014 Trust and Obey Pastor Dekle
11/08/2014 Stumbling Around in the Dark David Stenhouse
11/01/2014 What is Faith Darrel Hutchinson
10/25/2014 Out Of Egypt Dave Muth
10/18/2014 The Healing Balm Pastor Dekle
10/11/2014 She Didn't Have a Clue Duane Ferguson
10/04/2014 Behold the Bridegroom Cometh Pastor Dekle
09/27/2014 Are We on Target? Dave Stenhouse
09/20/2014 The Shepherd Has Spoken Pastor Dekle
09/13/2014 Solid as the Rock Pastor Dekle
09/06/2014 God's Call to Victory Pastor Dekle
08/30/2014 Living Water Maurl Bascom
08/23/2014 Parable of the Ten Virgins Dan Lavenburg
08/16/2014 O Wondrous Love Pastor Dekle
08/09/2014 No-Fault Religion Pastor Dekle
08/02/2014 His Love Prepares the Way Pastor Dekle
07/26/2014 All Should Understand (afternoon meeting) Jacob Carta
07/26/2014 Not an Option Andrew Foulds
07/19/2014 Mirror His Image Brian Haynes
07/12/2014 Let Us Endure Until the End Pastor Dekle
07/05/2014 Abiding, Abiding, All Important! Pastor Dekle
06/28/2014 Only a Little Boy? Darrel Hutchinson
06/07/2014 The Joy of the Lord is my Strength Pastor Dekle
05/31/2014 Whose Plan is This? David Stenhouse
05/24/2014 A Giant Problem Brian Nase
05/17/2014 On the Line Pastor Dekle
05/10/2014 A Mother's Gift Pastor Dekle
05/03/2014 5-3-2014 Emil Rodrik
04/26/2014 Ready or Not David Stenhouse
04/19/2014 Indwelling Spirit Pastor Dekle
04/12/2014 Do Dead Men Talk? Pastor Dekle
04/05/2014 The Fall Line Pastor Dekle
03/29/2014 Called According to His Purpose Pastor Dekle
03/22/2014 What If? Darrel Hutchinson
03/08/2014 The Least of These Wes Vie
03/01/2014 God Wants More Than Surface Reading Pastor Dekle
02/22/2014 Paralyzed David Muth
02/15/2014 Christ in Me the Hope of Glory Pastor Dekle
02/08/2014 Sweet Hour of Prayer Alex Rodriquez
02/01/2014 Entertaining Angels Pastor Dekle
01/18/2014 Plucked Out of the Fire Pastor Dekle
01/11/2014 Amazing Grace Pastor Dekle
01/04/2014 Truth and Consequences David Muth
12/28/2013 A House Divided Bryce Bowman
12/21/2013 The Gift is in the Message Pastor Dekle
12/14/2013 12-14 Pastor Dekle
12/07/2013 Where is your Heart? Pastor Dekle
11/30/2013 Salvation in the Dirt David Morgan
11/23/2013 We are Naaman David Stenhouse
11/16/2013 Honor with a Promise Pastor Dekle
11/09/2013 His Name in Time Pastor Dekle
11/02/2013 Who is your God? Pastor Dekle
10/26/2013 5/10 Darrel Hutchinson
10/19/2013 We Have This Hope Pastor Dekle
10/12/2013 Come Holy Spirit Come Pastor Dekle
10/05/2013 The Treasure of God's Law Pastor Dekle
09/28/2013 Church Growth Dan Lavenburg
09/21/2013 The Call of God Pastor Dekle
09/14/2013 From Glory to Glory Pastor Dekle
09/07/2013 And They Were Brethren Pastor Dekle
08/31/2013 Lest We Forget Steve DeLong
08/24/2013 Be Assured David Stenhouse
08/17/2013 Spirit Power Pastor Dekle
08/10/2013 Seeking After God Pastor Dekle
08/03/2013 Don't Fence Me In! Pastor Dekle
07/27/2013 Bread and Water David Muth
07/20/2013 Holding Communion Pastor Dekle
07/13/2013 Stewardship on a Personal Level Pastor Dekle
07/06/2013 Walk Wisely Pastor Dekle
06/29/2013 The Two Doors Brian Nase
06/08/2013 The Role of the Father Pastor Dekle
06/01/2013 There's Hope in the Sanctuary Pastor Dekle
05/25/2013 Was it Luck? Darrel Hutchinson
05/18/2013 Trimming the Wick Pastor Dekle
05/11/2013 The Power of Praying Mothers Pastor Dekle
05/04/2013 Beyond Tithes Pastor Dekle
04/27/2013 Tears Dan Lavenburg
04/13/2013 Stewards of our Money Pastor Dekle
04/06/2013 Mercy-Justice Pastor Dekle
03/30/2013 The Road to Emmaus Pastor Dekle
03/23/2013 A Fearful Mark David Muth
03/16/2013 All in the Family Pastor Dekle
02/16/2013 The Great Escape Pastor Dekle
02/02/2013 Holy, Holy, Holy Alex Rodriguez
01/19/2013 Jesus, Saviour of my Soul Pastor Dekle
01/12/2013 Is Your Faith a Faith That Believes or a Believing Faith? Pastor Dekle
01/05/2013 Resolutions,  Resolutions, Resolutions Pastor Dekle
12/29/2012 The Glorious New Covenant Bryce Bowman
12/15/2012 When Michael Stands Up Darrel Hutchinson
12/08/2012 No Greater Love Pastor Dekle
12/01/2012 No Religious Connection Pastor Dekle
11/24/2012 When The Time Is At Hand David Muth
11/17/2012 Ready, Fire, Aim Tim Madding
11/10/2012 GMO Religion Pastor Dekle
10/27/2012 Special Music Andy & Vickie Beacon
10/27/2012 The Origin and Nature of Good Dave Stenhouse
10/20/2012 Special Music Paige Shilling
10/20/2012 What Are The Wages? Pastor Dekle
10/13/2012 Does God Have a Plan For Each of Us? Pastor Dekle
10/06/2012 Glorify, Glorify, Glorify His Name Pastor Dekle
09/29/2012 What on Earth is Happening? Dan Lavenburg
09/22/2012 Much More Maurice T. Bascom
09/15/2012 Which Tent are You Focusing On? Pastor Dekle
09/08/2012 Marriage Under Attack Pastor Dekle
09/01/2012 Obedience School Pastor Dekle
08/18/2012 The Knowledge of the Most High Pastor Dekle
08/11/2012 Is That Smart? Pastor Dekle
08/04/2012 Angels, We Need Them Pastor Dekle
07/28/2012 Water Temperature Dave Muth
07/21/2012 Heart of the Matter Pastor Dekle
07/14/2012 Thank God for Dad's Pastor Dekle
06/30/2012 God's Promise, Our Response Dave Stenhouse
06/09/2012 The Scandal of the Cross Bryce Bowman
05/26/2012 Commitment vs. Priorities Dan Lavenburg
05/19/2012 Which Smile Is For You Pastor Dekle
05/12/2012 How Is It With Your Family Pastor Dekle
04/28/2012 Blessed Revelations Steve DeLong
04/21/2012 Power In The Blood Pastor Dekle
04/07/2012 An Empty Tomb Pastor Dekle
03/31/2012 Second Angel Darrel Hutchinson
03/24/2012 Building Arkbuilders Charles Rutt
  Message of the Music Seminar Website
03/16/2012 1. Out of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light Derrol Sawyer
03/17/2012 2. Music's Role In Character Building Derrol Sawyer
03/17/2012 3. Where Do We Draw the Line? Derrol Sawyer
03/17/2012 4. Music and Worship Derrol Sawyer
03/10/2012 The Lord is My Shepherd (special music) Lori & Kelsey Nase
03/10/2012 Seeking His Presense Pastor Dekle
03/03/2012 Are You in Control of Your Tongue? Pastor Dekle
02/25/2012 Heavenly Music Dave Stenhouse
02/18/2012 Communion is Remembering Pastor Dekle
02/11/2012 The Righteous Shall Live by Faith Pastor Dekle
02/04/2012 It's Time To Go To Work Pastor Dekle
01/28/2012 Free Will vs. God's Will Dan Lavenburg
01/14/2012 Let's Get Serious Pastor Dekle
01/07/2012 The Fragrance of Christ Pastor Dekle
12/31/2011 That You May Not Sin Bryce Bowman
12/24/2011 Pride and Prejudice David Muth
12/17/2011 Change the Past, Impossible? Pastor Dekle
12/10/2011 The Mind Search Pastor Dekle
12/03/2011 It's Your Call Pastor Dekle
11/26/2011 The 144,000 Steve DeLong

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